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Moorlands Farm has a long and established history as a commercial fishery dating back over 40 years. The complex first opened its doors back in the 90's and was one of the very first commercial venues in the whole of the country attracting anglers from all over the UK to try their hand at fishing like never before. Little did anyone know that Moorlands Farm would end up as one of the sports pioneering enterprises sparking an entire movement of man made commercial venues up and down the country to set up and follow in the footsteps of what is still to this day, one of the most prolific bagging mecca's on the commercial scene.

One of those thousands of anglers travelling the width and breadth of the country to see what Moorlands Farm was all about was Grant Albutt. Grant spent much of his time growing up at Moorlands Farm cutting his teeth on the resident carp and F1 stocks and soon made a name for himself on the extremely competitive Midlands open match circuit before establishing himself as one of the UK's top anglers amassing some of fishing's most coveted accolades.

Years later Grant is now overseeing the day to day running of the venue alongside his wife Nicola Albutt. Together, they have worked tirelessly to restore the complex back to its former glory and reaffirm its position as one of the best in the country in an ever-growing and increasingly competitive sport. With Grant's unquestionable experience and passion for angling combined with the support of his family, Moorlands Farm is once again the jewel in the crown of the Midlands match scene offering anglers unparalleled sport as well as an opportunity to experience the best of what angling has to offer.

With backing from tackle giants Drennan and bait specialists Dynamite Baits, the venue continues to go from strength to strength under the management of Grant & Nicola Albutt.


Grant albutt

Pro angler & angling coach

Pro angler Grant Albutt has earned a reputation for being one of the top anglers in the UK and has a host of impressive titles behind him, including Match Fishing Cup Winner, UK Champion and £25k Parkdean Masters Winner and much more.


Grant's genuine and easy going nature combined with his enthusiasm for angling to make him one of the sports best UK ambassadors.

individual achievements:

  • 2014 Barston Festival winer

  • 2011 Maver Match This runner up

  • 2010 UK Champion

  • 2009 Park Dean Masters Champion

  • 2 x Ultimate League Champion (2000 & 2001)

nicola albutt

Manager of the Lakeside Cafe & Bully's Bar

Nicola manages both the Lakeside cafe and Bully's Bar at Moorlands Farm Fishery. Despite having not worked in the catering business before her investment in the fishery, Nicola has improved upon the quality of food and service no end since the cafe re-opened under her in 2020.


Before trying her hand at catering and hospitality, Nicola worked as a qualified beautician. Despite coming from an entirely different background, Nicola has already begun adding her touch to the standard of catering available at the venue.

"Although vastly different from my last venture, I have been able to transfer a lot of people skills over to my new role here at the fishery. I pride myself on being approachable and offering a friendly service".

"In addition to the cafe, we thought a bar would be a great idea! When thinking of a name, what better than 'Bully's Bar'?!?! We have three bulldogs, which I love to bits so the name of the bar has personal meaning to me. We're hopeful visitors will love the bar - we do"!

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