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The six lakes on site provide a superb variety of species that can be caught on a wide range of methods. Each of the waters on site have been carefully thought about and expertly constructed to offer not only a great days sport for the angler, but also a healthy, interesting and sustainable environment in which fish stocks can live and breed. 

Whether you're an experienced match angler looking for your next match win, a pleasure angler looking an enjoyable, action packed day, or a relative newcomer to the sport homing your skills, Moorlands Farm has a water to suit your requirements.



Probably the jewel in the crown here at Moorlands Farm, Meadow lake is the largest water on site and offers anglers the most variety both in terms of species available and methods that produce large catches.


Island lake is surrounded by mystery as no one really knows what lurks in its the depths. Despite its modest size, Island lake is around fifteen feet deep and, with multiple sunken islands, it offers a unique challenge to the angler. Definitely a water not for the faint of heart.


Bank lake has undergone the most radical transformation of all the lakes since Grant took over ownership of the complex. The lake has been re-landscaped and the number of pegs reduced to give anglers more room.


A small but attractive water, Moors offers some truly excellent match sport given the sheer number of carp and F1s available to catch.


Middle lake is best suited to pleasure anglers due to its high stocking density. The water is crammed full of carp, big F1s and boasts an incredible head of silverfish.


Another popular match lake, High Meadow is similar to Meadow lake, but offers fewer pegs. The water offers comfortable fishing with most catches coming from either the margins or fishing short.



Keen to pass on his considerable knowledge and expertise to novices as well as experienced anglers during his "no-secrets" coaching sessions, anglers are guaranteed to have a great day and also improve their knowledge, skill and catch rate.

For more information, please be sure to visit Grant's Official coaching website at the link below.

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