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work begins on island lake

Work begins on Island Lake
Island lake has been in desperate need of major work for some time

forty years in the making

We are excited to confirm that, after much planning, work has now started on Island Lake. Those familiar with the venue will know Island Lake has been in need of some attention for a long time to correct a myriad of issues including stagings, an excessively snaggy lake bed and undercut banks. However, as well as correcting these issues, there are a host of new design ideas to bring Island Lake version 2.0 up to scratch.

In the video below, Fishery Manager Grant Albutt looks on as plant maneuvers into the lake for the first time.

The work is expected to last a few months at least whilst the existing sandstone, silt and mud are pushed aside to make way for deliveries of fresh high grade clay, which will be used to redesign the lake bed and repair the surrounding banks.

Watch this space for further updates!


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